Why I Read Vol.1

There are several reasons why people all over the world love to read. There are also reasons why some people hate to read, but because I can’t relate, I will not be talking about them. I have always enjoyed reading but recently, my love for this hobby has grown considerably. I think it all started after I made the conscious decision to join my local library so I could read more books for free. (Let me tell you, my bank account does not appreciate my revamped love for books). Well fast forward a few months and….

I thought it would be a good idea to share with the internet some of the reasons why I read. I will be writing a series of posts talking about why I think reading is so awesome & why we should all fall in love with it.

It’s is all about Learning.

I find that, it is almost impossible to read a book without learning something – anything. I always learn a thing or two about myself, the world or a situation when I read. Through my personal experience, I believe that many an ignorant mind or idea can be changed through the simple act of picking up and reading a book.

Through fictional characters, I have been exposed to the joys, pains and complications that other people who live in this world face, and I have learned to empathise with them & think to myself: “what would I do if that happened to me?”

Stories about history, war, illness, love and sacrifice have opened up my mind to the experiences of other people like nothing else can.

Allow me to explain; you have probably heard about the book – Me Before You. It was very popular this summer & has now been adapted into a Hollywood movie. The story highlights the highly controversial topic of paraplegic assisted dying. A topic that is very far removed from my own life. In fact, before reading this book, I was quite sure of which side of the debate I favoured. After reading the book, my position on the topic has not changed but my attitude towards it has. I moved from an unfeeling disconnected black and white position to one of compassion and sympathy towards the people for whom this dilemma is a real life issue. I can now see that for many – many people living all over the world, this it is not an easy question to answer and instead of prejudging or assuming things about their situation, I need to be more sympathetic and even empathetic to the gravity of the decision that they face. Because I have not had to walk a mile in their shoes & life is truly a difficult struggle for them. This change happened because I read a book. There are other topics that I have been ignorant about & reading a fiction book has opened my eyes to my own self-righteous nature. I can happily say that thanks to books, I am less ignorant than I used to be.

There are millions of books published each year about all sorts of subjects. I recently read a book about minimalism that motivated and challenged me to de-clutter and tidy up my life. It is by far one of my favourite reads of 2016. I never thought minimalism could be for me. Once again I had my own preconceptions about something & reading helped me to change my mind & develop for the better. As the saying goes, Change is growth and Growth is Good.

To read is to expose yourself to so much of the greatness that this world has to offer and that is the reason I read.

Until the Next page.

X Lydia


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